Book Worth Reading (BWR) Program

We’re exciting to offer this new and exciting program! At Hall and Muscato Publishing, we want to give back to the communities. Everyone hates fundraisers. How many do you do a year? How many hours are dedicated to standing somewhere, begging for money? What if we told you that our program would not only help you reach your goal in less amount of time, raise more funds, but also give back? A portion of every sale goes toward our scholarship fund. No matter if you are a Education Professional or an Organization; our BWR (Books Worth Reading) Program, is completely tailored to your goals. Click HERE to have one of our marketing agents contact you! Click HERE to see our catalog of custom products!
Click HERE to see our Tupperware catalog and specials!

  • There will never be any fees to join!
  • Cancel at any time!
  • There will never be enrollment fees.
  • No minimum quotas*. (*Quotas referring to how many you have to sell each month.)
  • Cash to use as your School or Organization sees fit.
  • Taxes and shipping are calculated into each book/product.
  • A wide range of products
  • You pick which products, and we create a custom brochure and order form.
  • All books are $14.99 or less*. (Box sets and autographed books are excluded.)

Every Educational professional-Organization-District is welcome to participate! Including but not limited to:

  • Animal Rescues
  • Choir
  • Baseball
  • Softball
  • Football
  • Soccer
  • Science Club
  • School Book Clubs
  • Senior fundraisers
  • Entire school districts
  • Individual teachers
  • 501c
  • Schools
  • 8th grade classes
  • Any grade classes
  • Churches
  • Those looking to raise money for their own personal cause
  • And more!
  • If you do not see your Organization listed, please email us!

For our existing clients, we have changed the program to make it easier. (Previous points/sales are not eligible.) Yes, it’s that easy! We have been fortunate to have established relationships with suppliers. Meaning, we will have access to (but not limited to): Tupperware, Candles, Jewelry, Custom travel mugs, Flower bulbs, Custom discount cards, and Scratch off donation cards.

Whether you are an organization looking to buy new equipment/uniforms, the drama department needing money for upgraded props/costumes, a school district looking to upgrade their security system/hire a veteran or two, a teacher needing an interactive whiteboard, a music teacher who needs new instruments for some of their kids, JROTC for away class trips, and the list goes on and on. A tragedy took place in your town, and you’re wanting to raise money for the cause. You are looking for funds for your pets upcoming surgery. Whatever the case/reason, you need money for, we are able to accomplish it, together.

These are just examples:
For example 1: You are a school in in need to update your security system. You may these sales in one month:

  • Have $500 in Tupperware sales
  • Sell 50 travel mugs
  • Sell 250 discount cards
  • Sell 150 color changing souvenir cups

Just in the above, your profit would be $2,275. The particular system you’re interested in for your school is $8,500. In less than two months, you would have enough to get that particular system, with some funds left over to use as you wish.

For example 2: Drama club needs new costumes/props

  • Sell $250 in Tupperware
  • Sell 100 reusable grocery bags
  • Sell 100 travel mugs
  • Sell 50 candles
  • Sell 25 dog/cat collars

Just in the above, your profit would be $1,625. Say, you needed $1800 for new costumes/props. We would donate $175, so you are able to reach your goal.

  • For example 3: You’re looking to raise money for a cause for your community (or your pet needs upcoming surgery,):
  • You sell $1000 in Tupperware
  • 50 t-shirts
  • 100 discount cards
  • 150 travel mugs
  • 75 reusable grocery bags
  • 100 coolers
  • Just in above, your profit would be $2,875. But, you need $3,000 for your cause, we would donate $125, so you are able to reach your goal.

For example 4: You’re looking to raise money for a special event (homecoming, reunion, etc.):

  • You sell $1000 in Tupperware
  • 75 t-shirts
  • 100 coffee mugs
  • 150 travel mugs
  • 75 reusable grocery bags
  • 100 coolers (can/bottle coozies)

    Just in above, your profit would be $2,225. That’s if you raise conservatively. If you put together a package, one item of each, plus a stadium cup, for $75 and sell 150, (you collect the monies up front, and pay for the products cost) and you would have raised $7,879.50 profit for your special event. All items are customizable with your logo!

  • Only our authors are allowed to participate in our BWR Program. Each book goes through a vigorous process. For a limited time, we are allowing outside authors to participate in our BWR Program. (They are also put under our vigorous acceptance process. Our acceptance rate is very minimal, due to we just do not allow any author to participate.)We work with authors from all genres! There is something for everyone!